CFLPA vice president Adam Bighill believes players can help grow the game by ‘being icons for the next generation’

Screengrab courtesy: CFLPA on Twitter

The Canadian Football League Players’ Association released videos on Monday outlining what they are looking for in a new collective bargaining agreement with the league.

Two of the videos featured CFLPA vice president Adam Bighill presenting why he believes players can help to grow the game of football in Canada.

“Players can help grow Canadian football by being ambassadors in their communities as well as being icons for the next generation,” Bighill said in the first of two videos.

“It is important that the CFLPA and the CFL are partners and mutually respect each other so we can both grow the game of football in Canada.”

The league and Players’ Association failed to come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement before the expiration of the old one on Sunday. That has led to the first work stoppage of any kind in the CFL in almost 50 years.

One of the sticking points is the league’s desire for the return of padded practices during the season, which were eliminated a few years ago in the name of increased player safety.

While some blame the current state of the game on the lack of padded practices, it is understandable why the players are less than keen on seeing them return.

“Player safety is important because while we compete against each other at the highest level we never want to see anyone get hurt. Ultimately, we want everyone to have healthy lives in their post-football career.”

With the CFLPA being more vocal about what they want to see in a new CBA, hopefully it will lead to renewed talks and the return of the players to the field.