CFLPA advises players not to travel for training camp, CFL to make new CBA offer Wednesday

Photo edit: 3DownNation

The Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) has advised its membership not to travel for training camp in a memo procured by 3DownNation.


The CFL has informed us they are preparing an offer on Wednesday, May 11th at 10 am EST.

After meeting with your board of Player Representatives this evening, we advise you not to travel until a direction is given, as a work stoppage could occur if we can not see a settlement on that date.

Team Player Representatives will be providing further updates to individual teams as each club is unique with various provincial labour laws.

In solidarity,

Your CFL Players’ Association

The memo also revealed that the league will be offering a new collective bargaining agreement on Wednesday, May 11, which is when rookie camps are set to get underway. Training camps are slated to start on Sunday, May 15 — one day after the expiration of the current CBA.

Last week, the CFLPA internally communicated that a number of “key issues” in the league’s latest proposal were a “concern” for the bargaining committee. The list is as follows.

• A ten-year agreement with zero increases in the cap. 
• A revenue sharing program which will not likely show any significant growth by the CFL’s own accord, until the TSN contract is renewed in five years
• Although earlier discussions around guaranteed contracts were held, the CFL has now removed the PA’s proposal to allow players to negotiate guaranteed contracts.
• The CFL demands our members go back to padded practices, even with a decrease of 35% of on-field injuries, yet refuses to support our proposal for coverage for those same on field injuries.
• Various proposals on the table aimed at what appears to be an effort to try to lock as many players as they can into contracts.
• Full elimination of the Canadian ratio and Veteran American Ratio. As well as a reduction of Canadians on the Roster.  
•  The league wants full discretion on practice time that varies during the week (increasing and decreasing hours). Which will create lack of certainty for members.

John Hodge is a Canadian football reporter based in Winnipeg.