CFLPA requesting strike mandate from membership as ‘standard’ part of CBA negotiations: report

Photo courtesy: CFLPA

The Canadian Football League Players’ Association is polling its membership on their willingness to endure a work stoppage ahead of the 2022 season, according to TSN reporter Farhan Lalji.

“The CFLPA has requested a mandate from their membership to go on strike. Ballots for the strike vote went out today & results are expected to come in over the weekend. This is not reflective of the state of negotiations, but rather a standard part of the process.

Thus far all the major items have been discussed between the two sides, but there is still a lot of work to be done. The CFL submitted a proposal re: roster composition (aka ratio.) The PA has submitted a proposal regarding guaranteed contracts.

Both sides have discussed the salary cap & other monetary issues. Negotiations will continue next week. The PA has made it clear from the outset that they’re not showing up to training camps without a fair deal.

To reiterate, this does not mean the CFLPA is going on strike. This is just a standard part of the process which has also happened during previous CBA negotiations.”

The existing collective agreement between the CFL and CFLPA was ratified in 2019 and amended prior to the 2021 season to help facilitate a safe return under pandemic restrictions — it is set to expire on May 14.

Players took a massive financial hit over the course of the pandemic but appear to be on more trusting footing with the league than in years past, in part due to increased financial transparency. However, the league’s desire to reduce the Canadian ratio and monetary demands from the players will still prove to be divisive.

While a strike does not currently appear to be in the cards, anything is possible with approximately two weeks remaining until training camp.