Argos fan trolls Rider Nation with custom license plate

Photo courtesy: Fonzie VanDamme (@stadnek)

A very brave fan of the Toronto Argonauts evidently chose to declare their fandom on a custom license plate featuring the logo of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Fonzie Vandamme tweeted a photo of the fan’s “ARGOS” license plate on Wednesday afternoon and it garnered plenty of attention on social media. Predictably, many members of Rider Nation weren’t happy to discover an intruder in their midst, questioning whether the license plate should have been issued in the first place.

While local fans may not have appreciated the Double Blue moving in on their territory, there were also some positive responses from fans across the country. The Argos don’t have the CFL’s biggest following, so it was nice to see this fan get some support from their peers on Twitter.

As brave as you’d need to be to drive around Regina with an “ARGOS” license plate, the following moniker seems all the more scandalous. It’s remarkable that this car hasn’t been keyed, especially after Winnipeg eliminated Saskatchewan from the playoffs for a second consecutive season this past November.

If you are the owner of either the “ARGOS” or “BOMBERS” license plate, feel free to reach out to 3DownNation via direct message on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to hear your story.