2022 CFL free agency: LIVE

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9:10 p.m. ET — We’ve finished the day with a complete list of every player each CFL team signed and lost on the first day of free agency. Thanks to everyone who stuck with us during our 12-hour live blog — we appreciate the support!

8:51 p.m. ET — We’re approaching the 12-hour mark and we’re still here, though things have really quieted down over the past few hours. We’ve published 39 articles today. Can we hit 40!?

8:48 p.m. ET — Ottawa Redblacks’ head coach Paul LaPolice had dinner with Jeremiah Masoli, the team’s new quarterback. We can’t help but wonder: is he going to take out Ottawa’s 15 other free agent signings as well?

7:40 p.m. ET — According to Justin Dunk, quarterback Trevor Harris has signed with the Montreal Alouettes. He was 3DownNation‘s top-ranked remaining free agent.

7:32 p.m. ET — Edmonton has received criticism for paying Kenny Lawler $300,000 but Hall of Fame receiver Nik Lewis says he’s worth more than that because all CFL players are underpaid.

7:25 p.m. ET — 3DownNation‘s Josh Smith calls Delvin Breaux’s departure for B.C. a “kick in the gut.” It’s safe to say many Ticats fans likely feel the same way.

7:14 p.m. ET — Beloved Twitter personality Fake Gainer has joked that Quick Six, Calgary’s horse, has signed with the Argonauts. Toronto has spent the past few seasons stealing just about every coach and player they could from the Stamps.

7:12 p.m. ET — We’ve been at this for over ten hours and the Calgary Stampeders have yet to make a signing. By our count, Ottawa has made 15!

7:11 p.m. ET — An important note for Rider Nation: star receiver Duke Williams has announced that he is changing to No. 5 this season.

7:03 p.m. ET — We imagine that Chris Tymofichuk speaks for many Bombers fans here when he says he’s disappointed that Andrew Harris isn’t back in Winnipeg, but feels relieved he didn’t end up in Saskatchewan.

6:59 p.m. ET — The Edmonton Elks have released American linebacker Keishawn Bierria, who started 13 games at middle linebacker in 2021. He made 50 tackles, two sacks, and one interception.

6:52 p.m. ET — What’s new is old again as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have brought back American defensive back Richard Leonard, who played with the Ticats for three seasons (2017-19) before leaving for Calgary.

6:32 p.m. ET — 3DownNation published a top 40 CFL free agents list on Tuesday morning and only five members of the top 20 remain unsigned: quarterback Trevor Harris (5), defensive back Brandon Alexander (7), quarterback Chris Streveler (8), placekicker Sergio Castillo (15), and receiver Ricky Collins Jr. (17).

6:23 p.m. ET — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have made a touching video tribute to Andrew Harris. It’s going to feel strange watching Harris in double blue in 2022.

6:18 p.m. ET — TSN’s Farhan Lalji sees B.C.’s signing of defensive tackle Steven Richardson as his “number one value signing in all of CFL free agency.” That’s high praise!

6:15 p.m. ET — Twitter legend Andrea Nicole Van D is super happy with today’s free agent signings in Ottawa. Can you blame her?

6:12 p.m. ET — Longtime columnist Terry Jones predicts that Edmonton will win a home game in 2022 following today’s free agent moves. Here we’d forgotten that the Elks went 0-7 at Commonwealth Stadium in 2021. Oof.

6:08 p.m. ET — The Redblacks have re-signed American receiver R.J. Harris, who caught 46 passes for 595 yards in 2021.

6:02 p.m. ET — Some non-free agency news: future Canadian Football Hall of Fame offensive lineman Bryan Chiu has been named the head coach at Vancouver College. Congrats, Bryan!

5:49 p.m. ET — Ed Gainey says he’s going to burn or give away all of his gear from his six-year stint with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Oh my!

5:48 p.m. ET — Retired CFL receiver Natey Adjei can’t wait to see what Andrew Harris can do with the Argos, tweeting, “Harris + Foster in the backfield is about to be DYNAMIC!”

5:44 p.m. ET — B.C. has announced the signing of Canadian receiver Daniel Petermann. He showed some serious athleticism during his tenure with Winnipeg (2018-19), though he was quiet with the Redblacks last year.

5:41 p.m. ET — Montreal has announced the re-signing of American defensive tackle Michael Wakefield and the signing of Canadian linebacker Frederic Chagnon.

5:32 p.m. ET — The Redblacks have officially announced the signings of Canadian receiver Llevi Noel and Canadian running back Jackson Bennett, the latter of which was reported on 3DownNation yesterday.

5:04 p.m. ET — The Argos have officially announced the signing of Canadian running back Andrew Harris. General manager Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons calls him “the best running back in the Canadian Football League.”

5:03 p.m. ET — The Redblacks continue to make moves, officially signing American offensive lineman Ucambre Williams from Calgary, Canadian offensive lineman Hunter Steward from B.C., and Canadian offensive lineman Darius Ciraco from Hamilton. That’s a lot of beef!

4:52 p.m. ET — As longtime CFL defensive back Jeff Hecht points out, everyone complains about the number of one-year contract in the league, but it sure makes free agency fun!

4:45 p.m. ET — As 3DownNation‘s John Hodge points out, the Argos are not scheduled to visit the Blue Bombers this year. That means Andrew Harris will not return to IG Field in 2022.

4:36 p.m. ET — Another Jones disciple is returning to Edmonton, as Riders’ linebacker Deon Lacey predictably jumps ship for the Elks.

4:35 p.m. ET — Hamilton defensive tackle Dylan Wynn congratulated Ted Laurent on re-signing with the Ticats, joking, “One of these days you’ll smile at me like you smile at food.” Ha!

4:34 p.m. ET — The Ottawa Redblacks have confirmed the signing of former Winnipeg receiver Darvin Adams.

4:33 p.m. ET — As CJOB’s Christian Aumell points out, Winnipeg was 21-51 in the four seasons before Andrew Harris joined them and has gone 55-31 since with five-straight playoff berths and two Grey Cup wins.

4:23 p.m. ET — Another bombshell from our own Justin Dunk, as the Toronto Argonauts have signed National running back Andrew Harris.

4:21 p.m. ET — Now things are really cooking! The B.C. Lions have announced the signing of Grey Cup champion defensive tackle Steven ‘Stove’ Richardson.

4:19 p.m. ET — The Edmonton Elks have signed Canadian linebacker Nakas Onyeka, per contributor JC Abbott.

4:09 p.m. ET — Perennial all-star defensive end Willie Jefferson finds it painful to watch teammates move on. “It hurts so bad to see my brothers leave and go somewhere else,” he tweeted.

4:05 p.m. ET — Another National defensive end has landed on the West Coast, as the B.C. Lions have announced the signing of former Elks’ first-round pick Mathieu Betts.

3:58 p.m. ET — Shawn Lemon is sticking around for another year! The Calgary Stampeders have inked the journeyman sack artist to a new deal.

3:49 p.m. ET — The B.C. Lions have signed defensive end David Menard, the East nominee for Most Outstanding Canadian in 2021. Menard began his career as a fourth round pick of the Lions in 2014.

3:45 p.m. ET — Former Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman Derek Dennis is not a fan of Mark Korte becoming the highest-paid hoggie in the league.

3:38 p.m. ET — Our own John Hodge had the inside scoop as the Toronto Argonauts confirm the signing of Canadian offensive lineman Justin Lawrence.

3:36 p.m. ET — The Montreal Alouettes have announced the signing of American linebacker Tyrice Beverette, while confirming the already reported additions of Hergy Mayala, Avery Ellis and Mike Jones.

3:34 p.m. ET — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have confirmed the signing of former All-Star strong-side linebacker Derrick Moncrief, returning him to Riderville after stints with the LA Rams and Edmonton Elks.

3:31 p.m. ET — The B.C. Lions have officially confirmed the signing of All-Star corner Delvin Breaux. Contributor J.C. Abbott believes it gives them one of the CFL’s most dynamic back ends

3:11 p.m. ET — TSN’s Farhan Lalji reports that Canadian receiver Daniel Petermann will be jumping from the Ottawa Redblacks to the B.C. Lions.

3:05 p.m. ET — The Ottawa Redblacks have announced the signing of former GeeGees safety Ty Cranston, while confirming the additions of Canadian defensive end Kwaku Boateng and former NFL third-round pick Lorenzo Mauldin IV.

2:47 p.m. ET — Lalji indicates that the Toronto Argonauts may have interest in free agent running back Andrew Harris.

2:44 p.m. ET — TSN’s Farhan Lalji reports that the B.C. Lions have signed former Montreal defensive tackle Woody Baron.

2:34 p.m. ET — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats officially announce the re-signing of cornerback Jumal Rolle.

2:32 p.m. ET — The Toronto Argonauts have confirmed the signing of marquee pass rusher Ja’Gared Davis.

2:30 p.m. ET — The Edmonton Elks have added former Ticats’ receiver Jalin Marshall.

2:28 p.m. ET — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed Canadian offensive lineman Josiah St. John to a contract extension.

2:26 p.m. ET — The bombshell of free agency goes to the B.C. Lions! 3Down’s own Justin Dunk reports that Ticats shut-down cornerback Delvin Breaux has come out of retirement to sign with the Leos.

2:23 p.m. ET — Our own John Hodge reports that former Stampeders’ defensive back DaShaun Amos has signed with the Toronto Argonauts.

2:20 p.m. ET — As always, our thoughts and prayers are with Calgary beat writers in this trying time.

2:17 p.m. ET — 3DownNation contributor J.C. Abbott would like to claim responsibility for the Michael O’Connor signing.

2:14 p.m. ET — The Ottawa Redblacks have confirmed the signing of running back William Powell, who rushed for two 1,000-yard seasons with the club in 2017 and 2018.

2:06 p.m. ET — The Montreal Alouettes have made a splashy addition to their Canadian receiving corps, inking former Stampeder Hergy Mayala according to 3DownNation‘s John Hodge.

2:03 p.m. ET — Canadian QB tandem! I repeat, we have a Canadian QB tandem! The B.C. Lions have brought in UBC product Michael O’Connor to backup new starter Nathan Rourke.

2:01 p.m. ET — Chris Jones is getting the band back together, bringing former Riders’ defensive tackle Makana Henry over to Edmonton.

1:56 p.m. ET — Come for the signings, stay for the dogs.

1:50 p.m. ET — TSN’s Dave Naylor reports that Shaq Johnson is headed to the nation’s capital to join the Redblacks.

1:46 p.m. ET — Former Ottawa linebacker Micah Awe has told 13th Man Sports that he is awaiting an NFL opportunity before making his CFL free agency decision.

1:43 p.m. ET — Canadian receiver Shaq Johnson has indicated on Twitter that he will not be returning to the B.C. Lions.

1:40 p.m. ET — 3DownNation’s Justin Dunk reports that the Elks have made newly signed Mark Korte the highest paid offensive lineman in the CFL, with a deal worth $210,000 this season and $220,000 in 2022.

1:36 p.m. ET — Willie Jefferson is starting to get a little anxious about the Bombers’ quiet free agency. May I suggest some sort of catchy slogan to get players to “come on down to Winnipeg,” as it were?

1:31 p.m. ET — The rumours have come to fruition, as the CFL’s leading receiver Kenny Lawler has signed with the Edmonton Elks. I too would be willing to live in Edmonton for a $300,000 pay cheque.

1:28 p.m. ET — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have confirmed what we already knew, inking the CFL’s leading tackler Darnell Sankey. Justin Dunk does not miss.

1:13 p.m. ET — The B.C. Lions have brought back another former player, confirming the signing of do-it-all defensive back Loucheiz Purifoy.

1:05 p.m. ET — Big Teddy Laurent is officially back in the Hammer, as the Ticats confirm his re-signing.

1:03 p.m. ET — The Ottawa Redblacks have confirmed the re-signing of defensive tackle Davon Coleman, first reported by our own John Hodge.

1:00 p.m. ET — The Edmonton Elks have added another notable Chris Jones disciple, signing versatile defender Tobi Antigha who can play defensive end, linebacker and safety.

12:58 p.m. ET — The B.C. Lions have announced the signing of Canadian kicker Sean Whyte, a native of White Rock, British Columbia.

12:50 p.m. ET — Farhan Lalji believes that new GM Shawn Burke and the Ottawa Redblacks are the early CFL free agency winners.

12:40 p.m. ET — The Edmonton Elks keep rolling, confirming the signing of Canadian linebacker Adam Konar as first reported by our own Justin Dunk.

12:38 p.m. ET — Stampeders’ GM John Hufnagel may only be able to afford McDonald’s with his free agency budget, but there are still plenty of juicy options to choose from.

12:31 p.m. ET — Reported by 3DownNation‘s Justin Dunk on Sunday, the Edmonton Elks have confirmed the signing of long-time Riders’ defensive back Ed Gainey.

12:23 p.m. ET — TSN’s Farhan Lalji reports that veteran quarterback Matt Nichols is contemplating retirement.

12:11 p.m. ET — As first reported by our own Justin Dunk, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have confirmed the signing of veteran receiver Greg Ellingson.

12:09 p.m. ET — The Edmonton Elks have confirmed the signing of former Redblacks’ offensive lineman Mark Korte.

12:02 p.m. ET — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have re-signed boundary cornerback Jumal Rolle, per TSN’s Farhan Lalji.

12:01 p.m. ET — 3DownNation‘s John Hodge is reporting that former Bombers’ strong-side linebacker Alden Darby is headed to the Ottawa Redblacks.

12:00 p.m. ET — Here. We. Go.

11:55 a.m. ET — We are five minutes away from blast off, because somehow this thing hasn’t actually started yet.

11:53 a.m. ET — Former Bombers’ cornerback Mike Jones is headed to the Montreal Alouettes, per Herb Zurkowsky of the Montreal Gazette.

11:45 a.m. ET — Who says politics and sports don’t mix?

11:42 a.m. ET — After two straight Grey Cup victories, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and hometown hero Andrew Harris are headed for a divorce. Read all about it in John Hodge’s latest report right here.

11:38 a.m. ET — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are keeping a living legend in house, as TSN’s Farhan Lalji reports that the team has re-signed Canadian defensive tackle Ted Laurent.

11:34 a.m. ET — The voice of the Riders Derek Taylor has speculated on Twitter that 2021 opt out offensive lineman Brendon LaBatte is unofficially retired, with TSN’s Dave Naylor adding that the future hall of famer has not responded to requests for comments.

11:22 a.m. ET — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are anticipating the return of top free agent safety Brandon Alexander. The CFL all-star is currently recovering from injury and not expected to be ready to start the season.

11:19 a.m. ET — A friendly reminder to keep one work-related tab open to flip to in case of emergencies. 3DownNation is not legally responsible for any CFL free agency related firings.

11:14 a.m. ET — In a press conference ahead of the official opening of free agency, Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ GM Kyle Walters has confirmed that the club could not come to terms with star Canadian running back and hometown hero Andrew Harris, calling it “a shitty part of the business.”

11:10 a.m. ET — 3DownNation‘s Justin Dunk reports that Canadian offensive lineman Mark Korte has signed with his hometown Edmonton Elks, confirming the worst kept secret in the CFL.

11:06 a.m. ET — The biggest free agency domino has officially fallen, as 3DownNation‘s Justin Dunk reports that number one ranked pending free agent Ja’Gared Davis has officially agreed to terms with the Toronto Argonauts. The former Ticats’ pass rusher received a $230,000 offer from the team during the legal tampering window.

11:02 a.m. ET — With every Stampeders’ free agent heading to Toronto, CFL Reddit suggests Calgary GM John Hufnagel should be enshrined in the Argos’ Hall of Fame as a builder.

10:59 a.m. ET — Not to be left out of the action, 3DownNation‘s John Hodge is reporting that the Montreal Alouettes will be signing American pass rusher Avery Ellis.

10:55 a.m. ET — It seems to be a day for reunions, as 3DownNation‘s Justin Dunk reports that former B.C. Lions’ linebacker Adam Konar is headed to the Edmonton Elks, the team that drafted him 25th overall in 2015.

10:52 a.m. ET — He’s coming back! 3DownNation‘s Justin Dunk reports that dynamic strong-side linebacker Derrick Moncrief has agreed to terms with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, returning to the team where he was a CFL all-star.

10:49 a.m. ET — As per CFL law, TSN insider Dave Naylor believes coveted Stamps’ defensive back DaShaun Amos will be signing with the Toronto Argonauts.

10:43 a.m. ET — 3DownNation‘s John Hodge reports that pending free agent offensive lineman Nolan MacMillan turned down an offer to stay with the Redblacks and is likely headed to the open market.

10:38 a.m. ET — CFL Reddit perfectly describing the free agency struggle for us all.

10:32 a.m. ET — Is there anyone the Redblacks can’t sign? 3DownNation‘s Justin Dunk reports that the team has agreed to terms with former Hamilton offensive lineman Darius Ciraco in their continuing effort to beef up the league’s worst offensive line.

10:20 a.m. ET — Even as other signings roll in, newly crowned Redblacks’ GM Shawn Burke believes that he will be able to get veteran safety Antoine Pruneau re-signed, per Dave Naylor.

10:16 a.m. ET — The Redblacks have found their receiver, as 3DownNation‘s John Hodge is reporting that long-time Winnipeg Blue Bomber Darvin Adams is heading to the nation’s capital.

10:11 a.m. ET — The Toronto Argonauts have formally announced the signing of former Stampeders’ linebacker Wynton McManis after his two-year stint in the NFL. You already knew that though because you follow 3DownNation, you smart cookie.

10:05 a.m. ET — According the 3DownNation‘s Justin Dunk, former Riders’ linebacker Deon Lacey has signed with the Edmonton Elks, reuniting with former head coach Chris Jones. No word yet on whether the two will be running towards each other slow motion on a sand-covered beach.

10:01 a.m. ET — The Redblacks may have signed everyone under the sun during the negotiating window, but Tim Baines of the Ottawa Sun believes they are still in the market for another receiver after missing out on Jake Wieneke and Greg Ellingson.

9:56 a.m. ET — If eight competing CFL teams wasn’t enough, newly hired Montreal Alouettes’ content creator Joey Alfieri has indicated that Als’ defensive back Money Hunter is still gauging NFL interest, including from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

8:43 a.m. ET — According to 3DownNation‘s Justin Dunk, four-time all-star receiver Greg Ellingson has agreed to terms with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. It appears as though the club has found its replacement for Kenny Lawler.

8:36 a.m. ET — 3DownNation‘s Ryan Ballantine expects the Calgary Stampeders to have a quiet day after general manager John Hufnagel told the media that he’d already spent his allotted budget. His exact words? “The only thing I can afford is McDonald’s.”

8:34 a.m. ET — Your correspondent has spilled coffee on himself. It’s going to be that kind of day, isn’t it?

8:28 a.m. ET — 3DownNation‘s John Hodge thinks the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will have a relatively quiet day, though they may sign a receiver if Kenny Lawler and Darvin Adams leave. Could four-time all-star Greg Ellingson be headed to The Peg?

8:25 a.m. ET — Amid reports that the Edmonton Elks have offered receiver Kenny Lawler $300,000 to sign with the team, Canadian Football Hall of Fame defensive lineman Doug Brown has deemed the offer “borderline insanity.”

8:15 a.m. ET — According to 3DownNation‘s Justin Dunk, middle linebacker Darnell Sankey has agreed to terms with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He led the CFL in tackles with the Calgary Stampeders in 2021, recording 98 total tackles, one sack, and one forced fumble.

8:05 a.m. ET — Greg McCulloch of the Piffles Podcast made this very convincing (and fake) announcement on Monday that Andrew Harris had signed with Saskatchewan. If the star running back isn’t back in Winnipeg, could he really sign with the Riders? Former play-by-play man Rod Pedersen seems to think so.

Photo courtesy: Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)

8:00 a.m. ET — 3DownNation has unveiled its list of the top 40 CFL free agents! A bunch of talent has already agreed to join new teams, but there are still many top-tier players available. Click here to check it out.

7:45 a.m. ET — There always seems to be one signing each year that comes completely out of the blue. Wynton McManis signed with the Toronto Argonauts late on Monday following a two-year stint in the NFL. He will presumably replace weak-side linebacker Cameron Judge, who was traded to Calgary for safety Royce Metchie.

7:30 a.m. ET — Keep in mind that a bunch of pending free agents have reportedly agreed to terms with new teams. These players include defensive end Kwaku Boateng (Ottawa), defensive tackle Micah Johnson (Hamilton), receiver Jaelon Acklin (Ottawa), defensive back Loucheiz Purifoy (B.C.), running back William Powell (Ottawa), offensive lineman Ucambre Williams (Ottawa), strong-side linebacker Patrick Levels (Ottawa), and defensive back Ed Gainey (Edmonton).

Photo courtesy: Ottawa Redblacks (@REDBLACKS)

It’s also worth noting that quarterback Jeremiah Masoli officially signed a two-year contract with the Ottawa Redblacks on Monday. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats released him one day early to allow him to sign his new deal, which has members of R-Nation buzzing.

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