‘Come get me’: Inspired by Elks’ ‘old head’ signings, Milt Stegall pitches CFL return

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant / CFLPhotoArchive.com

The Edmonton Elks turned plenty of head on Wednesday when they announced the signings of past-their-prime receivers Adarius Bowman and Emmanuel Arceneaux, but it seems Chris Jones’ unusual roster philosophy has inspired another pass catcher from days of yore.

Canadian Football Hall of Famer and CFL on TSN panelist Milt Stegall took to Twitter on Thursday to share a sweaty-faced video and make a tongue in cheek announcement.

“Just finished working out. I’m always working out, but I turned it up even more to today, baby. You ask why? It’s time. It’s time to make that comeback,” Stegall said.

“I see these old heads — and I call ’em old heads, relatively speaking, they are old compared to the age of most CFL players — and I’m old enough to be these old heads’ father, but I’m coming back. It’s time.”

Stegall played 14 seasons in the CFL, all with Winnipeg, racking up 15,153 receiving yards and a CFL record 144 touchdowns. Were he to resume his career, he’d like it to be a homecoming, but all options remain on the table.

“Of course, my first choice, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, without a doubt. I understand they got some top notch free agents that they are trying to sign in [Kenny] Lawler and [Rasheed] Bailey. So Mike O’Shea and Wade [Miller] and Kyle [Walters], if you can’t sign them and even if you can sign them, come get me, baby. Come get me. I can help you out,” Stegall pitched to the reigning Grey Cup champions.

“If you don’t have room, you don’t have money, I understand. Paul [LaPolice, Ottawa Redblacks] — y’all know which Paul I’m talking about — you know you need me over there. All you other teams, come get me.”

At 52, Stegall is a shade older than the 36-year old Bowman or 34-year old Arceneaux, but he clearly thinks he’s still got it. He doesn’t believe he should come back alone either, lobbying the Elks’ 46-year old assistant general manager Geroy Simon to join him in the comeback, while throwing shade at a TSN colleague.

“It’s time for the old heads to make a return. Geroy and Davis Sanchez… hold on, maybe not Davis. Davis hasn’t been working out. He used to be a world class athlete, not anymore. So not Davis, but Geroy, let’s do this,” he joked.

“You could be the first assistant GM/player in professional football history. It’s time to make that return. Give me a call. I’m ready, baby.”

While Stegall’s offer is clearly in jest, it would be far from the craziest thing Chris Jones has ever done. Couldn’t be worse than signing Vince Young, could it?