Bombers’ RB Andrew Harris accuses Riders’ Duke Williams of eye-gouge against teammate in West Final

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant /

For the second straight week, Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Duke Williams has been accused of dirty play to end the first half.

Post-game, Winnipeg Blue Bombers running back Andrew Harris was asked if he had any inspirational words for his teammates when down at halftime that helped spark them to victory. The veteran Canadian explained those were unnecessary given the situation.

“I think everyone else knew what was going on. I mean you’ve got a player on the other team doing dirty sh*t at the end of the first half and poking guys in the eyes. Everyone just said that that’s what they needed to do to get under our skin,” Harris said.

Asked to elaborate, Harris kept it simple.

“Duke Williams. He poked B.A. [Brandon Alexander] in the eye.”

Williams went on to play a pivotal role for the losing side in the West Final, making four catches for 108 yards, including a spectacular 67-yard touchdown catch and run. He left the game late in the fourth quarter after suffering a reported head injury.

During last week’s West Semi-Final against Calgary, veteran Stampeders defensive end Lemon was ejected after delivering a two-handed punch to the face of Williams during a scrum. Lemons later alleged Williams provoked the altercation by spitting on him, saying he felt “disgusted and disrespected” by the incident.

Williams denied the allegation and the CFL has not released any findings from a league investigation into the incident.

A week later, Williams has again been accused of unbecoming conduct, though it is certain that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will happily take their tickets to the Grey Cup over any in-game punishment for the receiver.