Mayors John Tory, Fred Eisenberger betting donuts, charity donations on East Final

Photo courtesy: Toronto Argonauts

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will travel up the QEW Sunday to take on the Toronto Argonauts in the East Final, the first meeting of the two storied rivals with a Grey Cup berth on the line since 2013. The matchup has both players and fans excited, but now the politicians are getting involved.

One-time CFL commissioner turned Mayor of Toronto John Tory and Mayor of Hamilton Fred Eisenberger announced this week that they both would be putting some skin — or at the very least some dough — in the game when the CFL representatives from their two cities clash. In the spirit of single game betting, the two have placed a friendly wager on the result with some rather sweet consequences.

The losing team’s mayor will be charged with sending a box of a dozen of his favourite donuts to the office of the winning mayor, while also $100 charitable donation to a local organization of the winning mayor’s choosing.

More importantly however, bragging rights will be on the line Sunday, something more valuable than currency in the neighbouring cities. Regardless of who wins the bet though, the East Final will be a triumph for all of Southern Ontario.

“We are so thankful the CFL is back, the vast majority of our residents have been vaccinated, more people are getting vaccinated every day, and we’re on the road to a strong recovery,” the two said in a joint statement.

That beats donuts any day.