‘Hopefully Mondo was right’: Ticats planning to hit Trevor Harris, just like teammate Sewell said to

Over the course of his CFL career, new Montreal Alouettes quarterback Trevor Harris has earned a reputation — one inherited from his former Ottawa teammate Henry Burris — of being two different players.

This dichotomy, the brilliance of ‘Good Trevor’ versus the demoralizing incompetency of ‘Bad Trevor,’ has perplexed fans, commentators and evaluators alike for many years, but it is opponents whose fates most hang on the what side of the bed the pivot woke up on. For the Hamilton Tiger-Cats ahead of their East Semi-Final tilt with Harris’ team on Sunday, their is only one preferred option.

“Hopefully, it’s a bad game,” linebacker Simoni Lawrence chuckled in front of the media Saturday.

In the past, many have proposed theories as to how to guarantee one of those desired ‘Bad Trevor’ performances. Earlier this year, when Harris was still the starter for the Edmonton Elks, Alouettes defensive tackle Almondo Sewell famously proposed his own theory, suggesting that if “you hit him one time, he starts folding.”

The quarterback took issue with those comments, but the strategy appeared to work as the Alouettes steamrolled the Elks. Although Sewell and Harris are now happily teammates, having buried the hatchet after a late season trade, others are still taking inspiration from the big man.

Despite his reputation for trash talk, Lawrence was less personal in his assessment of how to attack Harris, but admitted the Ticats will be attempting the same strategy.

“I feel like that statement is just one of those statements that could happen with anybody. If, shoot, you hit me, if you hit anybody enough, it gets uncomfortable, especially playing quarterback,” Lawrence explained.

“I think [Trevor] Harris is a great quarterback. He’s a proven quarterback and he comes in here and that’s what we want to do. We want to hit him as much as possible and hopefully Mondo was right.”

It’s far from a unique plan of attack, but it is one that the Ticats will be well-suited to executed. Overshadowed at times by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Hamilton has continued to be the East Division’s dominant defence with Lawrence as one of the finalists for Most Outstanding Defensive Player.

Just like their strategy to throw of Harris, the reason why is not complicated.

“We don’t give up big plays. We stopped the run, all the guys that put up big yards we stopped all that. We’re aggressive. We cause turnovers, our turnover ratio is good,” Lawrence said. “That’s the recipe to win most games.”

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