‘How can we talk trash?’ Bo Levi Mitchell giving Riders silent treatment ahead of West Semi-Final

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant / CFLPhotoArchive.com

Usually not one to shy away from the trash talk, Bo Levi Mitchell is taking a different approach to the lead-up to this weekend’s West Semi-Final against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Coming off a season where the Stampeders have their lowest winning percentage since 2009, the two-time M.O.P. says the Stamps haven’t earned the right to trash talk.

“How can we talk trash? I’ve done it before but that was a 15-2-1 or 14-4 football team that had every all-star and every single award winner on those teams and that didn’t do us any favours back then.”

Bo said the mentality for the entire team has shifted away from making bold proclamations in the media.

“The reason we are who we are over the last seven, eight weeks is because the mindset we’ve taken to it. We’re workers, we’re grinders. We’re nothing special. If anybody on our football team thinks that, they’re wrong,” he said.

“The reason we win games isn’t because one guy or two guys’ talent or anything like that. It’s because 12 guys that are on the field at one time put together an entire four to five to six-second play and make it happen.”

Mitchell finished fourth in the league in passing yards this season despite missing three games. He closed the 2021 campaign with 2,594 yards through the air, 10 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions.

The Stampeders’ record of 8-6 may not seem very impressive in a vacuum, but it’s a far-cry from the slow start the Stamps had to the season. Bo says that, along with the pandemic, make this year feel special.

“I’d say it means more because the amount of work we’ve had to put in for the last two years to get to this point and then to have our backs against the wall. 2-5, not looking good, and everybody saying we are out because we are in last place, and rightfully so. I’m not talking bad about you guys, you were just reporting on what was actually happening.”

Calgary (8-6) hits the road to face the Roughriders (9-5) in the West Semi-Final this Sunday in Regina.