‘It was me being frustrated out of anger’: Riders’ DB Nick Marshall explains last play antics in 2021 regular season finale

Photo courtesy: Saskatchewan Roughriders

There weren’t many attention-grabbing moments for Rider fans in Saskatchewan’s 24-3 loss at Hamilton’s Tim Hortons Field that ended the 2021 regular season.

In what was a nothing game for both sides, it was the most meaningless play of a meaningless game that had some asking: ‘What the heck happened at the end with Nick Marshall?’

As the Ticats assembled in victory formation for one last kneel-down to send everyone to the 2021 CFL playoffs, Marshall swerved around the left side of the Hamilton offensive line and gestured as if he were about to charge at quarterback Dane Evans.

The sudden and unexpected gesture drew a reaction from some of the Ticat players who chased after Marshall after the final gun had sounded. With the better part of a week to reflect, Marshall says he let his emotions of the game get the better of him.

“It really was just me out of hand just being frustrated,” Marshall said. “There really wasn’t too much going on, it was just me being frustrated out of anger.”

It didn’t look like the classiest move of Marshall’s career and his explanation would appear to confirm that. However, the fact one of the Riders best players cared so much about a game that his own team didn’t seem to care much about at all will no doubt endear Marshall to at least a segment of Rider Nation.