Edmonton reporter Gerry Moddejonge chirps former CFL kicker Grant Shaw for missed field goals

Photo courtesy: Grant Shaw

Edmonton reporter Gerry Moddejonge took exception to former CFL kicker Grant Shaw calling him out for his approach to the Elks end of season media availability.

Shaw wrote on Twitter and included Moddejonge’s handle: C’mon Gerry. Some silly questions man. They paid [Nick] Arbuckle essentially starters money. The writing is on the wall… and has been for weeks. Many are questioning why Arbuckle hasn’t been playing this year?? #bebetterman #theyhaventtalkedaboutit

Moddejonge responded: I thought I was the one asking the #Elks today about why Arbuckle hasn’t been playing. What more do you want?

Shaw: Not to ask a player a loaded question? So A and B sat around discussing who’s the starter next year and how it’s gonna be lovey dovey? C’mon man, the dude was in a shi**y enough situation to begin with, taking over and trying to lead a team in shambles.

They had a bonafide starter in [Trevor] Harris who couldn’t motivate the team. How’s he doing in MTL?? Maybe that’s a rough question the media could ask? What really happened? Why is he having success there?

Moddejonge: Did you listen to my questions to Brock [Sunderland] today before deciding what he was and wasn’t asked? That’s a start. But here you go. I asked him about Harris. And what actually happened. He wouldn’t answer.

I never get into it with anyone on Twitter, but I always liked you Grant. How about you keep being remembered for missing 42-yard field goals against Calgary and I’ll continue trying to do my job marginally better?

Shaw: Is it not pretty sad that I critic/ask you a question as someone in the media, you choose to bring up my professional career from dam near 10 years ago? #biggerissue

My apologies if you asked lol. I never really heard the whole interview. Just the whole going into the off-season as the starter, have you talked to the paid man Arbuckle question didn’t sit well with me. #myapologies #nothingpersonal

Haha yep tough season. First year as an Esk after the [Ricky] Ray trade. 49 yd in the wind, missed the back of the end zone by a yard for a tie. #poorcoverage lol Then 42 off the upright with a suspect hold lol. But still held on to be a #greycupchamp2015 #perseverance

Couldn’t be more proud of that! Easily could have been run out of town. Yet went on to be a champion. 200-plus community appearances. Two-time recipient of the David Boone community service award winners. And still trying to give back!

After four straight replies from Shaw, Moddejonge elected to let his missed field goals shot be the last one he delivered. It was a rare opportunity for a veteran media member to basically try and tell a player they haven’t played the game, usually it happens the other way around.