Riders’ Canadian Brett Lauther: ‘I’m the best kicker in the league — no doubt’

Photo courtesy: Saskatchewan Roughriders

Saskatchewan Roughriders Canadian Brett Lauther has made a definitive statement.

“I’m the best kicker in the league — no doubt,” Lauther said full of confidence. “I work hard enough to say that, show it year in, year out, on and off the field.”

Through 13 games in the 2021 season, Lauther has made 39-of-46 field goals (84.8 percent) with a long of 54 yards. His 39 good three-pointers are the second highest total in the league while he ranks third in terms of field goal percentage.

“No disrespect to the other guys, I talk to them all the time, a lot of good kickers, but if I don’t believe I’m the best kicker in the league, then what am I doing? I’m here to be the best and that’s why I worked for five years to get back to this point,” Lauther said.

“I remind myself every day who I am: just a kid from the East coast trying to trail blaze. I had everything taken away. Every day I wake up I believe I’m the best kicker in this league, especially now that [Justin] Medlock is out of the way.”

The 31-year-old spent four seasons completely out of the CFL after his rookie season with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Lauther was selected by the Ticats in the seventh round, 53rd overall during the 2013 CFL Draft. Then-general manager and head coach Chris Jones signed him to the green and white prior to the 2018 campaign. 

“I do things that other people aren’t asked in this league, period. Kick from certain distances year in, year out. Other teams punting on the 39, punting on the 40, don’t have to kick into the wind, the list goes on.”

“It’s one of the windiest places to play in the league. There’s been a lot of great kickers here, but I’m pretty sure the career field goal percentage is 77 percent before I came here — I changed that,” Lauther explained.

“I like to kick into the wind, I like to kick with the wind. 56 both my first year after coming back, I wasn’t babied back into the league, I kicked two from 56 that year, the only kicker in CFL history to make two over 55. And 57 that year is the longest.”

Lauther doesn’t feel the need to “stick up” for himself because he knows what his contributions are for the Riders each game day.