No Fajardo finger-pointing after Riders second straight loss to Stampeders

Cody Fajardo promised he wouldn’t be a finger-pointer anymore and after Week 10 held to his word.

The Saskatchewan Roughrider quarterback was a lot less animated and lot more boring than he was a week earlier following his team’s second straight loss to the Calgary Stampeders. A team the Riders have yet to beat in four tries so far in the Craig Dickenson era in Riderville.

One game after throwing a sideline temper tantrum late in the game in Calgary, a much more subdued Fajardo even threw out some bouquets for the receiver who bore the brunt of his frustrations last week, Ricardo Louis.

“I thought our receivers played really well. Ricardo made an incredible play for a touchdown down in the red zone,” Fajardo said.

“I thought we did a really good job blocking on the perimeter for the most part and making plays when they came our way. I think we’re about three plays short from a different ending to this story.”

It remains to be seen if Louis gets another chance to start with the Roughriders. He’s had an impact in two of the six games he has played with Saskatchewan so far.

On the other side of a bye week, the Riders will have new free agent signee, 2018 CFL all-star and 1,500-yard receiver, Duke Williams in the fold. And deep threat target Shaq Evans could be back, too.

Dickenson feels it’s too early to know who will be the odd men out when Williams and Evans are available. However, he did suggest the Riders might even juggle their import ratio by starting just one Canadian receiver instead of two, which is what the Riders are doing right now.

No matter what direction the Riders take with their ratio, it wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest Louis might not be in the starting lineup when the green and white line up against the Stamps in their next meeting on October 23rd in Calgary.

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