Unvaccinated CFL players will be ineligible for air travel as of Nov. 30: report

Photo courtesy: CFL

Unvaccinated CFL players will be ineligible for air travel as of Nov. 30, according to TSN’s Dave Naylor.

A federal government source confirms that to fly after Oct. 30th, it’s expected passengers above age 12 will need proof of first shot, a booking for second and negative test. That means any @CFL players with no vax cannot travel past Oct. 30th. #CFL

Naylor posted the following correction to his report late on Wednesday afternoon.

Correction: Now being told by federal government source that previous information given to me was incorrect. Canadians flying after Oct. 30th WILL be able to fly with ONLY a negative test until the end of November. This means unvaxxed CFL players can get to road games in Nov.

Bottom line on CFL and travel restrictions announced today: unvaxxed players will be able to travel to road games through November as long as they have a negative test. Restrictions will affect E+W Finals and Grey Cup. CFL must decide how to handle that. 

It is possible that unvaccinated players could still travel by bus or car, though this is obviously impractical for long trips.

As per the CFL’s coronavirus policy: if a team can prove that 85 per cent of its players under contract have been vaccinated, at least once and preferably fully, the athletes will receive their salary for a cancelled game. If a franchise falls below the 85 percent threshold, the entire team will not receive its salary.

It has been reported that five CFL teams have reached the 85 percent vaccination threshold: B.C., Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Montreal.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie said in August that he wishes he could mandate that players get vaccinated, but is unable to due to the league’s collective bargaining agreement.