‘Everybody’s this freaking close to us whooping their a**’: Patrick Levels hates Alouettes losing

Alouettes strong-side linebacker Patrick Levels feels some type of way about Montreal being defeated in four of their last five CFL games.

The latest setback was a 30-27 loss to the Toronto Argonauts at BMO Field in Week 8. That sent the Als to 2-4 on the season, two games behind the Boatmen for second place in the East Division.

“Everybody’s this freaking close to us whooping their ass,” Levels said post-game while bringing his index finger and thumb together, leaving a small space between them.

“It’s this close to being undefeated, really.”

Montreal’s four losses have come by six points in Calgary, 17 points at home to Hamilton, nine points at Percival Molson Stadium against the B.C. Lions and three points in The Six on Friday night.

“If you look at the games, we’re losing but it’s at the end of the game — them are chump points. If you watch the game — Hamilton it was 13-10 the majority of that game. This game we lost by three. We’re not out here getting stomped on, nobody is stomping Montreal out,” Levels said.

“Nobody’s in trouble but the teams that we’re playing once we get this thing rolling. We just have to get this little monkey off our back and I promise you, ya’ll going to be talking to me totally different come a couple weeks from now — I promise you.”

The Alouettes play the East Division-leading Tiger-Cats at Tim Hortons Field in Week 9, kick-off goes at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday, October 2. Montreal must win by at least 18 points to hold the tiebreaker in the event the two teams finish tied in the standings after 14 regular season games.

“If they think it’s going to be a push over game — I hope they do. We’re not worried about 2-4. This ain’t going to be the story of Montreal, ya’ll going to talk about how we turned this thing around. We’re going to grind it out and change the narrative,” Levels said.

“You gotta hate losing, if you don’t want to win, you gotta hate losing — one of them gotta drive you. I hate losing more than I love winning. This does not feel good, I don’t like it, but it is what it is.”

Als head coach Khari Jones admitted he feels a sense of urgency to figure out how his team can win football games. The 50-year-old Jones recently recovered from COVID-19 and returned after missing one game to call the shots for Montreal in Toronto.

“We keep having to learn these lessons the hard way, it’s just very frustrating. We see, I hate the word, the ‘potential’ of this team,” Jones said.

“The fact that we have the pieces in place to make a run, that is the only thing encouraging coming out of it, we hate to lose football games, of course.”

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