Argos fire back at Ticats in Labour Day billboard war

Photo courtesy: Toronto Argonauts on Twitter

When the rivalry runs this deep, you have to put it up on a sign for all to see.

After their 32-19 win over Toronto last week in the Labour Day Classic, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats took it upon themselves to rub a little salt in the wound, pointing out that the Argos had now lost seven straight Labour Day games at Tim Hortons Field.

It would have one thing to make the jab on social media, but the Tabbies elected to go a different route and post the reminder on a billboard outside Toronto’s Eaton Centre.

The accompanying social media post dubbed the Argos “Certified Loser Boys,” a play on Toronto-born mega-star Drake’s new album “Certified Lover Boy.” It appears that particular insult stuck with the Boatmen because after winning the Labour Day rematch 17-16 at home, they had a billboard of their own ready and waiting in Hamilton.

Toronto’s response appears to be in a somewhat less illustrious location but the point landed nonetheless. With the season series now split, these two historic rivals meet for the decisive matchup on October 11 and billboard companies already have space reserved.