Rider fan solicits Twitter follows from CFL team accounts, immediately regrets it

Screenshot courtesy: @Riderprider19

Twitter user @Riderprider19 took to social media on Thursday afternoon to solicit follows from the six CFL teams who weren’t already following his account.

In exchange for a follow, the user promised to change his avatar for one month to the logo of team that fulfilled his request the fastest. It’s clear that he was hoping Winnipeg was going to be slow on the uptake judging by his use of the hashtag #PleaseDontBeTheBombers.

Five minutes after posting the message, @Riderprider19 received his first follow back. It was from Winnipeg, who also replied to his tweet with a GIF of beloved The Simpsons character Ralph Wiggum.

It took forty minutes, but @Riderprider19 lived up to his promise, changing his profile picture to a shot of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ iconic ‘W.’ Given his allegiance to the Riders, we figure this caused him considerable pain.

When questioned about his new profile picture, @Riderprider19 said he’s “a man of [his] word,” though he also chose a GIF expressing a sense of regret.

We’re here for you, @Riderprider19. Your commitment is admirable. Who knows? Maybe this is good karma for the Riders heading into a tough Banjo Bowl matchup on Saturday.