Argos felt Brandon Alexander’s hit on DaVaris Daniels was ‘a cheap shot’

The Toronto Argonauts wanted to send a message after DaVaris Daniels was knocked from the game in Week 3 against Winnipeg.

Blue Bombers defensive back Brandon Alexander delivered a blow to the head of Daniels in the third quarter. He was running a pattern towards the middle of the field when Nick Arbuckle threw a pass his way.

“We felt like it was a cheap shot,” Arbuckle said.

There was no flag thrown initially, but an unnecessary roughness penalty was given to Alexander after the command centre reviewed the play. Daniels was able to walk off the field, but he did not return to the game.

Bombers’ head coach Mike O’Shea could be seen on TSN arguing with an official after Alexander was penalized, but declined to comment on the hit after his team lost 30-23 to rookie bench boss Ryan Dinwiddie.

“Obviously, I think it’s a concussion — it looked like he was concussed. We’re worried about his health more than anything,” Dinwiddie said.

The 28-year-old caught seven passes for 100 yards and one touchdown, a 35-yard major in the second quarter. It was a breakout game with the Argos for Daniels in Arbuckle’s first start at quarterback for the double blue.

“Especially once DaVaris got hurt, that hit that was made on him, that changed the attitude of the offence,” Arbuckle said.

“We were all playing with an edge, unfortunately it showed after the whistle a few times, but we felt like we needed to protect a guy that they injured.”

Dinwiddie didn’t get a chance to talk with Daniels, but felt he “probably” wasn’t going to be available to play for the Argos on Thursday, August 26 in Week 4 versus the Edmonton Elks.

There will be no further timeline provided on Daniels potential return until concussion protocols are completed.

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