It would be a ‘hard journey’ for Tim Tebow to succeed as a quarterback in the CFL

Photo courtesy: Denver Broncos

The second Tim Tebow was released from his latest NFL team, the CFL chatter followed.

It’s a fun topic that’s been discussed for years in Canada. And the intrigue of the now 34-year-old Tebow coming north of the border has come again following his release from the Jacksonville Jaguars after trying to comeback as a tight end.

“I’d be stunned if he decided to come up to Canada. I think when he was playing quarterback six, seven years ago, he might have had a chance. But the fact that he hasn’t really played it’s going to be really difficult for him to make that move and come up to Canada,” Montreal Alouettes director of U.S scouting Russ Lande said on TSN 690 radio.

“Especially when you look back, and I think the biggest issue NFL teams had with him as a quarterback was his accuracy. And in the CFL you get two downs, you don’t get three downs before it’s punting down, so accuracy is even more important. I think it’s a long journey and unlikely to happen. I’d be very, very surprised if he chose that option.”

In September 2012, then-Als general manager Jim Popp added the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner to his exclusive 45-man negotiation list. Four years and a few months later, following Kavis Reed being hired as GM, Tebow was dropped from the list and hasn’t been on any other team’s list since.

“It takes guys two years just to adjust to the differences from traditional American football to the CFL and this guy hasn’t thrown a ball in years,” Lande said.

“Anything is possible, but I doubt he’ll want to come and I think it would be a hard journey for him to develop quick enough to be able to get on the field and play up here as a quarterback.”

Back in 2016, Tebow had a conversation with his University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer about going to Canada, but it didn’t happen at the time.