Saskatchewan Health Authority warns of COVID exposure on Riders home-opener shuttle bus

Photo courtesy: Saskatchewan Roughriders/Derek Mortensen/Electric Umbrella

More Roughriders fans may have been exposed to COVID-19 during the team’s sold out home opener on August 6.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority made the public aware that there was an increased risk of exposure to the coronavirus at the following location where a person or persons attended while infectious:

Shuttle bus from Birmingham’s Vodka and Ale House Regina (2636 Star Lite St.) to Mosaic Stadium at 6:30 p.m. and from Mosaic Stadium back to Birmingham’s at 11:30 p.m.; sat near front of the bus.

COVID-19 and its variants are still present in Saskatchewan. Persons infected with or exposed to the virus should take all precautions as advised by Public Health and take all reasonable measures to significantly reduce the risk of infecting others. Following public health guidance is particularly important for those who are unvaccinated or have received only one dose of vaccine.

Contact tracing is ongoing; however, as those in question rode on shuttles with people unknown to them and likely within six feet, they were not wearing masks, the contact tracing has been difficult. If you choose to ride a shuttle or a bus at this time, please note the number of the shuttle or bus, where you were sitting and wear a mask. This is useful information for contact tracing and can help avoid situations like this in the future.

As per Disease Control Regulations, all individuals in attendance — particularly those who travelled by bus to and from Birmingham’s Vodka and Ale House — during this date and time should:

  • Self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 until August 20, 2021;
  • If symptoms develop, start self-isolating immediately and seek testing; and
  • If you already feel unwell or were in contact with an ill individual while at the game or afterward self-isolate and seek testing immediately.

Self-isolation means you need to stay home, avoid contact with anyone who is not fully vaccinated, individuals who are considered fully vaccinated have received two doses of vaccine and are at least two weeks past their second dose, and stay away from work, school, stores, social events and any other public setting.

The Roughriders currently do not have a vaccine requirement for entrance to Mosaic Stadium.