Trevor Harris won’t ‘cower’ after taking a hit, understands ‘gamesmanship’ from Almondo Sewell

Photo courtesy: Edmonton Elks

Trevor Harris has been forced to respond to former teammate Almondo Sewell’s comments multiple times.

“I know Trevor, you know? You hit him one time, he starts folding. Let’s see if that old Trevor Harris is going to show up again,” Sewell said.

“It doesn’t matter what he looks like on [Instagram] where he’s posting all those pictures looking like a pit bull, we’ll see.”

Harris and Sewell spent one season together in the Alberta capital. The longtime Edmonton defensive lineman wanted to get inside the head of the Elks quarterback prior to their Week 2 meeting on opposite sides of the football.

“The blue collar family I come from, my dad he used to not let me slide because he thought quarterbacks were wimps, so I’ve never slid before because of that,” Harris told TSN.

“If you think I’m going to cower because of taking a hit, you’ve never watched me play football, but I get the gamesmanship.”

“I love ‘Mondo’ he’s a great player, all-star calibre for the last decade and a lot of respect for him. It’ll be fun to tee it up and go play against a friend of mine.”

Sewell took an ill-advised roughing the passer penalty in the first half at Commonwealth Stadium which took an interception touchdown off the board for the Als.