‘He’s talking out the side of his neck’: Trevor Harris fires back at ex-teammate Almondo Sewell

Photo courtesy: Edmonton Elks

It took him a few days, but Edmonton Elks quarterback Trevor Harris has finally fired back at disgruntled former teammate Almondo Sewell, after the Alouettes’ defensive tackle implied he was mentally weak earlier this week.

“He’s talking out the side of his neck,” Harris said when addressing the media Friday. “It’s one of two things: Either it’s gamesmanship — which is what I expect from Mondo — or he’s never watched me play football.”

On Wednesday, Sewell had plenty to say about the Edmonton passer.

“I know Trevor, you know? You hit him one time, he starts folding. Let’s see if that old Trevor Harris is going to show up again. It doesn’t matter what he looks like on [Instagram] where he’s posting all those pictures looking like a pit bull, but we’ll see,” Sewell told reporters.

Harris was quick to dismiss any suggestion that the comments provide him with any extra motivation heading in to Saturday.

“No other team ever drives me, my teammates drive me. I’ve never been that person. This is not the first time that somebody has said something about me,” Harris said.

“You’ve got to be able to hit Trevor, you’ve got to be able to get pressure, you’ve got to play coverage, it is always something. Everybody’s got their opinion but really the only opinions that matter are the people in that locker room to me.”

Sewell played nine seasons in Edmonton during which he was named an all-star seven times. He departed for the team in free agency in February 2020 after clearly feeling as though the team didn’t prioritize retaining his services.

He downplayed his return to Edmonton, insisting that it will be “just another game.”

Harris opened his season last week with a poor performance against Ottawa, throwing three interceptions and taking full responsibility for the loss. If his play Saturday is anything like his verbal sparring, Sewell may have inadvertently put him back on the right track.