Helmet-to-helmet hit on Cody Fajardo ‘should’ve been penalized’ according to Riders’ Craig Dickenson

Photo courtesy: Saskatchewan Roughriders

Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Craig Dickenson wants his franchise quarterback protected by the officials.

Dickenson remains steadfast in his belief that B.C. Lions rookie Canadian linebacker Jordan Williams deserved to be flagged for making helmet-to-helmet contact with Fajardo in Week 1.

“Well, I thought so. That’s why I challenged it and they felt differently, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that,” Dickenson said.

“I respect what the officials say and what they come up with, but based on what I saw and the information I was given, I felt that was roughing and should’ve been penalized.”

It was the final offensive play of the third quarter at Mosaic Stadium when Fajardo and the offence were backed up against their own goal line. Leos defensive lineman Obum Gwacham had the Riders’ QB in his grasp and as Fajardo was falling to the turf, Williams flew in to make contact with the head of No. 7 in green and white. After the 33-29 win, the Riders sent the video to the league office asking for an explanation.

“They haven’t gotten back to me yet, but I’m sure that they will. “The officials, it was their first game too,” Dickenson said.

“I thought it was a fairly well officiated game and a pretty clean game all the way around, so I tip my hat off to those guys.”

Saskatchewan sends plays to the officiating supervisors every week during the season. Dickenson seeks clarification on close or questionable calls during a given game. There are instances where the league sends video clips out to teams letting them know they got away without being penalized on certain plays.

“I know for a fact we had a few penalties that weren’t called and we tried to make corrections with our guys on rundown day and make sure they understand that just because it wasn’t called, doesn’t mean it’s not a penalty,” Dickenson said.

Fajardo joked about not being a ‘big enough name’ to get the call, but Dickenson is setting the referees up to throw the flag in the event it happens again in the future.