Winnipeg’s Brady Oliveira featured in viral video saving, fostering neglected puppies

Screenshot courtesy: The Dodo

Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ running back Brady Oliveira had an incredible first career CFL start on Thursday, recording 23 touches for 147 yards in a 19-6 win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The Winnipeg native and North Dakota product doesn’t just excel on the field, but also does some pretty awesome things off of it.

The Dodo, an American media outlet that advocates for the rights of animals, posted a video on Twitter on Saturday morning telling the story of how Oliveira saved a group of puppies from the harsh Manitoba winter.

Oliveira travels all over Manitoba seeking to save neglected dogs, having reportedly saved over 50 canines. In this video, he collects a group of close to a dozen dogs who were living under a couch in harsh outdoor winter conditions.

The five-foot-ten, 225-pound ball carrier elected to foster the shiest puppy of the group, a chocolate-coloured dog he named Hazel. Oliveira is shown introducing her to his two dogs, Nellie and Gunnar, feeding her a meal, and giving her a bath.

The story has now come to a conclusion with Hazel being adopted by Oliveira’s sister, Kallee. The arrangement will allow Oliveira to continue seeing Hazel and for Hazel to continue seeing her best friends — and now her cousins — Nellie and Gunnar.

The Dodo‘s Twitter account has 2.3 million followers and the video had already reached 72,000 views as of 2:00 p.m. ET on Saturday.