Even if Martavis Bryant comes to Toronto, Ryan Dinwiddie doesn’t see him ‘pushing anybody off the roster’

Photo courtesy: Pittsburgh Steelers

Former NFL receiver Martavis Bryant remains a no-show in Canada.

Bryant missed the entire Argonauts training camp and head coach Ryan Dinwiddie isn’t expecting anything from him until he’s actually in Toronto.

“He’s not here right now. We’ve been back and forth on the phone, he’s still trying to figure out some stuff as far as crossing the border, but until I have any word on him, I don’t have any plans for anybody that’s not here, let’s put it that way,” Dinwiddie said.

“I can’t count on it, he hasn’t been here yet. The fact he hasn’t been here yet I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon. Hopefully it does for his sake, but for us right now, we’re moving forward with who we’ve got on our ball club.”

As the Argos set the team’s roster for the 2021 regular season, Bryant was placed on the suspended list. Players are typically put on the suspended list after not arriving to training camp or leaving the team and missing practice during the season without team approval.

“If he does get up here, it’s going to take a few weeks to get him up to speed and get him in game shape. He’s got a tough challenge in that if he does come up here, he’s going to be put behind the eight-ball, that’s for sure,” Dinwiddie said.

“About a week before training camp we realized he wasn’t going to be on time. For me, once guys miss training camp I really don’t have any thoughts toward it. If he comes in here, he’s going to have to compete and take someone’s job to even get on the field.”

The six-foot-four, 210-pound receiver was selected in the fourth round, 118th overall during the 2014 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. In total, Bryant recorded 145 receptions for 2,183 yards and 17 touchdowns in 44 regular season NFL games. He ran a 4.42 forty-yard dash at Clemson University’s pro day and recorded a 39-inch vertical.

“I don’t see him coming and pushing anybody off the roster at this stage. That’s going to be a challenge when you look at our receivers,” Dinwiddie said.

“He hasn’t got his passport done and can’t cross the border, unless he’s going to drive up. He’s down in southern California I’m told. He’s just not a part of our ball club right now.”

It’s onwards and upwards for the Argos without Bryant who has likely sunk an opportunity to revive his pro football career.

Justin Dunk is a football insider, sports reporter and anchor.