Are these the Redblacks new third jerseys?

Photo credit: Belal Ghadban

Although nothing official has been revealed, Ottawa Redblacks fan Belal Ghadban may have stumbled across the team’s new third jersey.

Ghadban was browsing at the Source for Sports store in Barrhaven, a suburb in Ottawa, when a different jersey caught his eye.

“It thought it was odd because I’d never seen the jersey before so I figured it must be new,” he said.

Before COVID-19 cancelled the season last year, the Redblacks released their planned 2020 schedule and each home game featured a specific theme. The team’s third home game, which would have occurred on July 24th vs Edmonton, was deemed the RED OUT game. At the time, I wrote about how this indicated a new red jersey was on the way.

Redblacks reveal (at least one) new uniform

Last month, while cracking the mystery of the Redblacks’ missing plaid helmet, OSEG president and CEO Mark Goudie confirmed that Ottawa had a new set of uniforms on the way for 2021.

That checks out, because although New Era became the league’s official supplier in the 2019 season, they were only set to introduce their own takes on each franchise’s look in 2020. The coronavirus obviously affected those plans.

From the picture Ghadban posted to Twitter, we can see that there is indeed a New Era logo on the back of the jersey, you can tell from it being backwards inside the collar, and a patch on the bottom left of the front of the jersey. The main colour is red with black running down the sleeves and sides. The Redblacks have always worn black as their primary colour at home, and white on the road, so it’s safe to assume these are indeed third jerseys.

Multiple Ottawa sources would not confirm or deny that the jersey is part of the uniform collection that will soon launch. However, given what we know about the planned RED OUT game in 2020, and given that the jersey has New Era’s logo on it, and the fact that a store like Source for Sports doesn’t sell knock off merchandise, it’s likely these will indeed be the Redblacks third jerseys.

Santino Filoso is originally from Ottawa and has written about the Redblacks since 2013. He is the only CFL writer currently living in Brazil (as far as we know).