It’s Cody Fajardo and the rest, Riders looking for quarterbacks behind starter to ‘separate’

The Roughriders backup quarterback job is there for the taking in Saskatchewan.

There are four signal callers competing for the spot behind the surefire starter, Cody Fajardo: Isaac Harker, Paxton Lynch, Tom Flacco, and Mason Fine.

“I think it’s still Isaac, but honestly I’m going to let coach [Jason] Maas tell me what he thinks on that. He knows quarterbacks, that’s why we hired him. He feels good about all five in the room,” head coach Craig Dickenson said.

“We’re hoping in the green and white game to get some game-like situations. We’re going to treat it much like a game, not go to the ground, but treat it much like a game. We’re hoping that some of those quarterbacks separate.”

The Riders want to treat Saturday, July 24 as a game day start to finish. Pre-game warm-ups, coin flip, officials, four quarters, 10 minutes each, play clock, kicking and punting. Dickenson’s goal is to get in 70 to 80 reps as a group for final roster evaluation purposes.

“I do think when the lights come on, when the coaches get off the field, that certain guys play a little bit better than others. It’s super tight, we got Cody and then the rest, that’s the best way for me to put it,” Dickenson said.

“There is no pre-season and we need to see who is going to make the team and who is not. Sometimes the only way to do that is to throw the ball out there and let them play. It’ll be a competitive game, we’ll try to play smart and hopefully stay healthy.”

It will be as close to a pre-season game as the Riders can simulate without players going full out and tackling to the turf. Quarterbacks won’t be live, but the competition will be fierce and it could determine who makes the roster at the most important position in football.

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