10 individuals test positive during CFL’s 2021 pre-training camp and COVID quarantine

For the first time since CFL players returned to the field in 2021, the Canadian Football League has offered fans and media an update on the COVID situation in training camps, announcing 10 positive tests during the pre-training camp quarantine period.

The CFL published the results in a statement Thursday.

Through pre-training camp and quarantine, the league administered approximately 6,000 COVID-19 tests to Tier 1 personnel, which includes players, coaches and support staff. Those tests resulted in a total of 10 individuals returning a positive test result for COVID-19.

Five of the positive tests occurred prior to the affected individuals’ travel to their respective CFL markets; they were subsequently not allowed to travel. Please note that, on occasion, a test that comes back positive is determined to be false-positive.

Any individual that tests positive is prevented  from joining or is removed from team activities, and is isolated or quarantined, in accordance with the CFL’s Return to Play Health and Safety protocol, Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) protocol and local public health protocol.

The CFL will continue to provide updates on tests administered to Tier 1 personnel. As a matter of policy, it will not identify the affected individuals or Clubs.

The CFL was granted a national interest exemption by the federal government, allowing them to shorten the standard 14-day quarantine for individuals entering the country. Players were required to self-isolate seven days prior to their departure for training camps, then quarantine for an additional seven days upon arrival. Three negative COVID test are required in country before any player can begin workouts.

The league had not previously provided any information on positive tests. Riders linebacker Deon Lacey was apparently quarantined for a false-positive test earlier this week, but the team would not provide any information on his status other than it was a quarantine issue.

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