Greg Ellingson not impressed by Elks betting line: ’empty the bank accounts and put it all on us this year’

Photo courtesy: Edmonton Elks

The Edmonton Elks believe you can make a lot of money betting on their team this year.

Edmonton’s over-under win total at Bodog Canada is set at five, though bettors have clearly been favouring the over. The juice has fallen from -115 to -180, which means a $25 bet would now yield only $13.89 in winnings.

Star receiver Greg Ellingson recently caught wind of the number and feels betting the over would be an easy way to make money.

“I would say empty the bank accounts and put it all on us this year if it is only 5.5,” Ellingson told Postmedia‘s Terry Jones.

“We have a new head coach that our staring quarterback has already worked with before and is pretty familiar with that offence. That will immediately be an advantage when you already have that chemistry with your play-caller and with your quarterback.”

The Elks replaced departed head coach Scott Milanovich with Jaime Elizondo in February, who previously served as Trevor Harris’ offensive coordinator in Ottawa. The passer set a new career-high in 2018 under Elizondo’s guidance, throwing for 5,116 yards.

“I don’t think many guys would know about that 5.5 thing coming to camp. I didn’t know about it. But that really is laughable,” said Harris. “If I were a betting man and wanted to make some money, I know what I would do.”

Offensive lineman Matt O’Donnell agrees with his quarterback that the betting line is selling the Elks far short.

“An over-under of 5.5 is hilarious,” said the six-foot-ten, 350-pound blocker. “We’re going to be doubling that 5.5, at least.”

“I would have us competing for the top in the West, if not the top in the league. We have a lot of returning guys. There’s a lot of good chemistry there.”

The Edmonton Elks host the Ottawa Redblacks in their 2021 home opener on Saturday, August 7.