CFL, CFLPA discussing loosening of restrictions for players and staff

Photo courtesy: CFL

The CFL and CFLPA have started discussing potential changes to the restrictions currently facing players and staff, according to TSN’s Farhan Lalji.

CFL has begun internal discussions with CFLPA on steps towards loosening restrictions for players/staff. Discussions with prov governments could begin as early as next week. Vaccinations (indiv. or team rates) would be expected to be a part of any proposed revisions.

A number of players who have decided to retire or not play in 2021 have cited the current restrictions as a factor in their decision.

Claire Hanna of CTV Regina reported on Saturday that players and coaches will not be permitted to socialize with anyone outside of their household until August 15 at the earliest. On road trips, players will not be allowed to visit restaurants or bars and will be permitted only to travel on team-arranged transportation.

The CFL does not currently have any requirements for players to be vaccinated with some reports indicating that fewer than 50 percent of players across the league have received their shot(s).

CFL players and coaches are currently undergoing a quarantine period ahead of the start of training camp on July 10. Individuals who had to travel to participate in training camp did so halfway through quarantine, performing the first week of quarantine at home and the second week in their team city.

A full list of the restrictions currently facing players and coaches was obtained by 3DownNation and can be found here.