CJFL National Championship: Canadian Bowl scheduled to be played in December for first time ever

Photo courtesy: Canadian Junior Football League

The Canadian Junior Football League has set a new date for the 2021 Canadian Bowl which will now be scheduled for Saturday December 4, 2021.

Following discussions, with teams and stakeholders, the CJFL board of directors decided to move the National Championship game back one month, giving more time for communities across the country to adjust to the COVID-19 reopening. The move allows the CJFL teams to begin their regular season in either late August or early September giving them a couple extra weeks in case games need to be rescheduled.

“Like most sporting events our teams across the country didn’t have an opportunity to play games last year and today’s announcement is another example of things moving in the right direction,” CJFL Commissioner Jim Pankovich said in a statement.

“I would like to thank our teams and all their board members for being patient and diligent over the past year and we are all optimistically looking forward to being back on the field this year, even if it’s with a modified schedule.”

The CJFL will release all three conference schedules next week with games, including the Canadian Bowl subject to change. The CJFL teams will strictly follow guidance from each of the provincial health authorities and will have the ability to change the schedules if required for the safety of players, coaches, team administrators and fans.

The Canadian Bowl will be played in Ontario at the home of the conference champion. The champion of the Prairie Conference will travel to meet the winner of the BC Conference in the national semi-final game the weekend of November 20-21.  That winner will then travel to Ontario for the 2021 Canadian Bowl.

It will be the first Canadian Bowl ever to be played in the month of December.