CFL all-star pass rusher Charleston Hughes likes sacking Bo Levi Mitchell the most of any QB

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Star sack artist Charleston Hughes enjoys taking down any CFL quarterback, but he has one favourite: Bo Levi Mitchell.

Hughes enters the 2021 season with 130 career sacks, 27 behind Grover Covington who holds the record for most quarterback takedowns in a career. The 37-year-old played 17 games in 2019 and recorded 16 sacks, proving he can still play at a high level and disrupt the best passers in the league.

“The team I like playing against the most — I like sacking Bo because he gets mad every time I sack him and he can’t stop it,” Hughes said on The Rod Pedersen Show.

“At least 20 of my 130 sacks are on Bo. I’m pretty sure I’m like 15 almost 20 sacks I’ve got on Bo. Bo’s my guy, he’s still my boy, we golf together still.”

After being voted a CFL all-star by the media and head coaches in 2019, Hughes drew the ultimate sign of respect from his competitors and earned a CFL Players’ Association first-team selection. Offensive tackles have been trying to slow down Hughes for years and it hasn’t happened on a consistent basis.

“Mike Reilly he gets tired of seeing me all the time. I’ve touched Mike Reilly a lot. He knows it every time, I’ve come in contact with him a lot,” Hughes said.

“Vernon Adams Jr. is a guy that I’m looking forward to getting my hands on because he’s so athletic and he’s hard to get.”

Hughes said the funniest quarterback he’s ever played against in Canada was Johnny Manziel. The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner spent the 2018 season in the CFL. Montreal made a blockbuster trade for Manziel to become the Alouettes’ starting quarterback, but he went 2-6 as a starter and the league forced his released in February 2019.

“There were a couple times were I almost sacked him and he got away. He came running back to the huddle past me and was like, ‘Woo, you almost got me right there,'” Hughes explained.

“I’m looking at him like what’s wrong with this dude? He’s quick, he’s a player.”

Manziel didn’t become one of Hughes’ quarterback sack victims, but you can bet he’s focused on dragging Cody Fajardo to the Mosaic Stadium turf on Friday, September 17 in his first return visit to Saskatchewan.