Redblacks’ Paul LaPolice doesn’t want his team to worry about ‘noise outside’ the building win or lose by 50

Head coach Paul LaPolice doesn’t care what the so-called experts say about his Ottawa Redblacks.

His team in the nation’s capital has been given the longest odds to win the 2021 Grey Cup by Bodog Canada. The Redblacks had the worst record in the CFL in 2019, finishing 3-15 at the bottom of the East Division. Many pundits have predicted a last-place finish for Ottawa in the nine-team league again this year.

“I leave most of that up to the players and what gets them motivated. I don’t think a motivation for me is to talk about the noise from the outside. That’s something we will never talk about,” LaPolice said on TSN 1200 radio in Ottawa.

“We will have posters in our room that talk about: ‘Don’t worry about the noise outside of the building.’ We’re going to control our destiny by what we do.”

LaPolice was hired as the Redblacks bench boss in December 2019. He had spent the past four seasons as the offensive coordinator of the Blue Bombers. Winnipeg’s offence flourished under LaPolice, helping the team earn four consecutive playoff berths along with a Grey Cup victory in 2019.

“You just gotta worry about your process on a daily basis. If I start going, ‘Look at this. Look what these people said.’ Then I’m not being true to what we believe,” LaPolice said.

The 51-year-old also served as the Bombers’ head coach from 2010 to 2012, leading the team to a Grey Cup appearance in 2011. He was fired by general manager Joe Mack in 2012 after the team started the season 2-6.

“We want to be consistent and not worry about the noise outside the building whether we wins games by 50 or lose games by 50,” LaPolice said.

“For me to say that every day and then to start saying: ‘Look what these guys said about you.’ Now I’m not doing what I talk about.”

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