The CFL community reacts to the approval of a 14-game 2021 season

The CFL’s board of governors voted unanimously on Monday to approve a 14-game regular season starting on August 5, culminating in the 108th Grey Cup in Hamilton on December 12.

The news was received enthusiastically by CFL fans who missed out on a 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The league had the option of self-funding a six-game bubble season in Winnipeg last year, but elected not to do so when they were unable to secure an interest-free loan from the federal government.

Here is a collection of the reaction from the CFL community.

The tension going into Monday’s vote was palpable. After not playing in 2020, some believed that a cancelled season in 2021 could mean the end of the league.

Rumours swirled throughout the morning that the vote would proceed positively.

Canadian Football League Players’ Association president Solomon Elimimian encouraged all fans to tweet at their favourite CFL team urging them to vote ‘yes.’

Canadian Football League Players’ Association vice-president John Bowman wanted the vote to be livestreamed on TSN. This didn’t happen, which felt like a missed opportunity.

The players were hoping for a positive result.

We’re not entirely sure that the vote looked this way, but it’s pretty funny to think about.

It was tough for CFL fans to be patient as the meeting was underway. They’ve waited a long, long time since the 2019 Grey Cup.

When the news of a positive vote finally broke, people rejoiced.


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