Bill C-218 for legalized single-game sports betting in Canada adopted at second reading in Senate

Bill C-218 which would legalize single-game sports betting in Canada has passed the second reading in the Senate

It has been adopted and referred to the Senate committee on banking, trade and commerce. 

Courtesy: Senate

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie wants you to be able to place a single-game bet on CFL action. Ambrosie signed a joint statement last June with four major pro sports leagues that operate in Canada to urge the government to take ‘prompt action’ and legalize single-game sports betting.

Prior to its passage by the standing committee on justice and human rights, Ambrosie wrote to the committee calling the legislation ‘a vital economic tool’ for the league. It could be worth an estimated $2 million per team and $20 million for the league overall.

Last year, Saskatoon-Grasswood member of parliament Kevin Waugh introduced Bill C-218, the safe and regulated sports betting act as a common-sense change to end an outdated restriction on single-event sports betting, an industry worth $14 billion in Canada.