Saskatchewan Roughriders fan auctions off John Chick jersey for Planned Parenthood

Courtesy Amy Dormuth

Saskatchewan Roughriders fan Amy Dormuth decided enough was enough after some ill-informed comments by former Riders defensive end John Chick.

If you’re not on Twitter, I’ll spare you the search.

Over the last few weeks, Chick has quickly gone deeper and deeper down the COVID-19 conspiracy rabbit hole, spreading dangerous lies about the virus and vaccines. You know the lines by now, I don’t need to recite them and I’m not going to give these falsehoods any more attention than they deserve.

In my mind, spreading these lies about COVID-19 should be enough to keep Chick out of the Plaza of Honour, something I talked about on the Green Cast recently with my co-host John Fraser.

These Tweets did not sit well with Dormuth, a long-time Rider season ticket holder and owner of an old Chick jersey.

Instead of burning or throwing out the jersey — like we’ve seen from sports fans these days — Dormuth decided to do some good with it and support an organization that means a lot to her in Planned Parenthood, an organization that Chick probably also does not like.

“I decided that I couldn’t support someone that so blatantly ignored and discarded science and everything it has done. Especially considering how hypocritical it is considering he is perfectly happy to accept the science that is used to keep him alive with insulin,” said Dormuth.

Chick is a type-one diabetic and has relied on medical science to not only live but play professional football at the highest level.

What the winner of the auction does with the jersey is up to them, Dormuth is just happy to have something good come from the situation.

The winning bid is still being decided, but Dormuth expects to raise a few hundred dollars.

She was also surprised by some friends on Twitter who decided to donate to the cause without taking part in the auction, adding $150 to the pot.

“The additional donations just really make my heart happy,” said Dormuth. “It makes me optimistic that there just might be more good people in the world.”

Joel Gasson is a Regina-based sports writer, broadcaster and football fanatic. He is also a beer aficionado.