‘How many retweets for a CFL season?’: Riders QB Cody Fajardo resorts to memes in search for 2021 start date

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

While the scheduled start of CFL training camps in May is fast approaching, the CFL appears no closer to confirming an on-time 18-game season and a third wave of COVID-19 rocking the country has left players in limbo, unsure whether to quit their current jobs as planned or continue languishing without football.

Several CFL stars have expressed their frustration on Twitter, but popular Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback Cody Fajardo shared his growing impatience with uniquely comedic twist.

In a meme format generally reserved for free food requests, Fajardo apparently direct messaged the league on Twitter to ask how many retweets of his post would be needed to receive a season start date.

The attempt at humour was well received  by fans and players alike, though the 57 retweets at the time of this posting are unlikely to cut it with the CFL.

Progress is being made on the launch of the 2021 CFL season, with four of six provinces giving verbal approval for return to play plans, but CFL owners remain unwilling to play without fans in the stands.

The evolving public health situation across the country and poor vaccination roll-out means the prospect of that happening in June are waning. The league is already reaching out to stake holders to see how they can ease the burden, but proposed 20% pay cut to players for games played without fans was not well received.

Until clarity can come from a league office not known for its transparency, players will continue to be left grasping at straws — or memes — to sort out their lives.

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