Edmonton Football Team quietly changed logo following 2020 name discontinuation

The Edmonton Football Team has a new logo — though it’s actually almost a year old.

The club released the new look as part of its brand guide for partners in 2020, however it was never formally unveiled as the season was cancelled. The change was noticed by Twitter user @TruColor.

In the guide it states: 2020 brings a change to our primary double-E logo, moving away from the three-dimensional logo used in past applications to a more simplified, two-tone logo.

Edmonton’s old logo (below) had a white outline around its lettering as well as a black drop shadow effect behind them. There was also a stylized black line inside the yellow oval surrounding the letters.

This logo was unveiled in 1998 and was in use up until the 2019 season. Edmonton’s helmet decals often featured this logo but with white lettering instead of yellow.

Edmonton’s new logo has a strong resemblance to the one it wore from 1970 to 1995 (below). The white and black accents are gone, giving it a more traditional, old-fashioned look. The club did not bring back the traditional ‘EE’ font, keeping it the same as its most recent logo.

The Edmonton Football Team formally began changing its name late last summer, bowing to immense pressure from sponsors and the public following years of controversy. 

The team received 2,047 formal name submissions during an open call in November before narrowing to seven choices: Elk, Eagles, Elkhounds, Evergreens, Evergolds, Eclipse, and Elements.

Nearly 40,000 fans participated in ranking those choices for the name expected to be revealed in mid-April. 3DownNation even ranked the final seven options, though the club quietly trademarked two more in March.

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