Vernon Adams Jr. flabbergasted by Scott Milanovich making $500,000 without a CFL season in 2020

Screenshot courtesy: Edmonton Football Team

If football was played in 2020, Montreal Alouettes quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. would have had the chance to make over $400,000.

Except the season was cancelled after the CFL’s board of governors voted against playing. That meant Adams Jr. collected his $165,000 signing bonus and no more. However, it wasn’t the same for former Edmonton Football Team head coach Scott Milanovich.

Edmonton coach really got 500k without coaching a game or a practice, Adams Jr. tweeted

Milanovich was hired by the EE Football Team in December 2019 after a three-year stint as the quarterbacks coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. In January, Milanovich left the green and gold to be the quarterbacks coach with the Indianapolis Colts, working under former CFL quarterback Marcus Brady who was promoted to offensive coordinator in Indy.

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 CFL season, the 48-year-old never coached a game for Edmonton, but according to Adams Jr., the former bench boss earned half-a-million dollars for approximately 13 months work.

Coaches contracts are guaranteed for the most part compared to players needing to play to be paid and can be cut at any time without teams owing them money. It’s a harsh reality of pro football and one that clearly hit Adams Jr. and other players hard in the instance with Milanovich.