The Rock on XFL-CFL discussions: ‘We’ll figure out a smart season that’ll create phenomenal opportunities for players’

The Rock has an athletes perspective on the potential merger between the XFL and CFL.

Specifically, when it comes to how the schedule of games could be laid out.

We’ll figure out a smart season that’ll create phenomenal opportunities for players and be the best experience for fans. I played ball for years and wrestled 280+ nights a year (for years) so I know the value in smart scheduling and recovery, Dwayne Johnson tweeted Saturday night. 

Johnson, Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital were selected as the winning bidders last August for all of the assets of Alpha Entertainment LLC, the parent company of the XFL. It cost $15 million and the goal is to make the XFL a stable league in the future.

The CFL has been awarding the Grey Cup for over 100 years. Meanwhile, the original XFL lasted one full season in 2001. The XFL lasted just part of one season before the COVID-19 pandemic put their season on hold, which led to Vince McMahon filing for bankruptcy and selling to Johnson, Garcia, and RedBird Capital.

The owners from both leagues have agreed to work together to identify opportunities for both to collaborate, innovate, and grow the game of football. With the CFL and XFL openly talking about collaboration, many believe a full merger is in the works, and The Rock’s comments appear to be an indication that is the case.

The Rock has stated he’s excited for the ‘unique opportunity’ the CFL and XFL ‘can potentially create together.’

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