Video: Pittsburgh Steelers Canadian receiver Chase Claypool allegedly involved in bar fight

Photo courtesy: Ben Solomon / Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Canadian receiver Chase Claypool was allegedly involved in a bar fight on the night of Saturday, March 13.

According to TMZ, Claypool was at Wild Goose Tavern in Costa Mesa, California that evening.

Sources tell us there was an issue involving someone throwing dollar bills at a woman inside the bar, which sparked an argument … and eventually, things moved outside.

We’re told Claypool was NOT an instigator — but as you can see in the video, things started to get out of control and Chase jumped into the action to help out one of his buddies.

At one point, the six-foot-four 238-pound NFL star gets in the middle of the action — where one of the combatants was wrestling on the ground — and Claypool delivers a swift kick to the face.

Eventually, Claypool’s pals remove him from the fracas — while people yelled at him to stand back and keep his distance.

We’re told both parties ultimately left the scene without further incident.

The Costa Mesa Police confirm they received a call for a fight at that location but when officers arrived, security told them the parties involved had already left. Nobody has been arrested of charged with a crime.

The rookie receiver played a key role in Pittsburgh producing a 12-4 record to earn the AFC North Division title, but aside from stating the Browns were going to ‘get clapped‘ in the AFC Wild Card round and calling Cleveland ‘classless‘ after the loss, there were no public displays of being a diva.

Claypool finished his first regular season in the NFL with 62 receptions for 873 yards and nine touchdowns, plus 10 rushes for 16 yards and two scores — 11 total touchdowns. He became the first receiver in the Super Bowl era to score 10 touchdowns in his first 10 games.

The Abbotsford, B.C. became a household name across Canada by tying the single-season record for touchdowns by a Canadian in the NFL and scoring the longest NFL touchdown ever by a Canadian-born player at 84 yards. His rookie campaign ranked among the best all-time seasons by a Canadian receiver — ever.

The 22-year-old Claypool experienced a fast rise to NFL stardom and in the future could quickly mature and grow used to the increased attention.