James Duthie shares infamous Chris Schultz ‘earpiece story’

Photo courtesy: TSN

The funeral for longtime CFL player and analyst Chris Schultz was held on Saturday, which led to a number of remarkable stories being shared.

TSN’s James Duthie shared one of Schultz’s favourites — a story that dates back to his earliest days on TSN. The big man would ask Duthie to tell it years later, which is why he chose to share it at the celebration of his colleague’s life.

Schultz didn’t want to wear an earpiece, which is a must for live broadcasting on television. When asked why he didn’t want to wear the earpiece, Schultz would say, “I got too many voices in my head already.”

Paul McLean was producing the broadcast the first time Schultz wore the earpiece. He didn’t say anything for the first half of the game to help ease Schultz into the wearing the device.

That changed at halftime when the panel started to run over time.

“Schultzy was talking a little bit too long and we were gonna miss the kickoff,” said Duthie. “Mac [sic] had no choice but to get in his ear and say, ‘Schultzy, shut up and get it back to James — we’re gonna miss the kickoff!'”

Duthie did his best Schultz imitation to say the line that Schultz delivered on national television.

“If the Argos are gonna get back in this game in the second half, they have to establish a running game. Shut up, Schultzy, get it back to James, we’re gonna miss the kickoff!”

He’d repeated exactly what McLean had said in his ear. Duthie said he was embarrassed about the incident for a while, but soon learned to laugh about it.

It’s the type of story that endeared so many people to Schultz during his 22 years as an analyst for TSN. It’s funny, unassuming, and heartwarming.

Check out Duthie’s full speech below. It is well-worth your time.

Editor’s note: The family of Chris Schultz wants to hear more stories from his amazing life. If you or someone you know has a story to share, please email it to [email protected].