Updated Saskatchewan vaccine schedule provides hope for CFL fans

With every passing week, it’s starting to feel more and more likely that we’ll see some kind of CFL season in 2021.

Whether that’s a full season or a reduced schedule still isn’t known as just about anything could still happen between now and June.

That said, there are reasons to be optimistic that we’ll see games this year. Recently, Manitoba said that they expect everyone to have their first shot of the COVID-19 vaccination by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ home opener.

On Tuesday, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab provided their weekly update in Regina. This included not only changes to rules around household bubbles and places of worship, but for the first time in a little while Moe was able to provide an approximate vaccination schedule.

The Premier said that in the coming weeks, Saskatchewan is expected to receive more doses of the various vaccines than previously received to date.

With that in mind, Moe believes that everyone should be able to receive the first dose of the vaccine by some time in June. People in their sixties should start receiving their shot around April 5.

The plan from there involves starting to vaccinate people in 10-year increments every two weeks. That puts people in their thirties starting to receive shots late in May. Realistically, that’s the majority of the CFL fan base as it currently stands.

Recently, Saskatchewan joined other provinces in delaying the second dose of the vaccine for up to four months to ensure as many people receive the first dose as quickly as possible. While the second dose is required in most cases to fully help keep people safe from the virus, the first dose alone has proven to help dramatically when it comes to preventing deaths and hospitalizations.

As the number of vaccine doses ramps up across the country, it’s not unrealistic to believe that other provinces could match or perhaps exceed this timeline. That should be music to the ears of CFL fans.

This doesn’t mean that we’re out of the woods and there’s still a chance this derails in a hurry. Regina is currently one of the country’s hot-spots for COVID-19 and recent testing seems to suggest that variants of concern might be playing a role in what’s been a rising case count in the province’s capital.

No matter what happens, there’s still no saying when the CFL might be allowed to have fans in the stands at any capacity. This may still be a stumbling block, but as vaccination ramps up across the country, it seems more like the league will eventually play in 2021.

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