Canadian linebacker Henoc Muamba was ‘hoping to be back’ with the Alouettes, ‘loved’ the city of Montreal

Canadian linebacker Henoc Muamba will miss playing in Montreal, but he understands why the Alouettes decided not to re-sign him prior to February’s free agent frenzy.

“It is sad, because it’s one of those situations where I loved my teammates,” Muamba told Matthew Ross of TSN 690. “I loved the city that I was playing in and I was hoping to be back. But again, I know it’s not personal — it’s part of the business, unfortunately. This is what happens.”

Muamba said he had limited contact with head coach Khari Jones in the weeks leading up to free agency. He also recognizes that he signed with the Alouettes while Kavis Reed — who has since been replaced by Danny Maciocia — held the role of general manager.

“I’m a professional athlete. I know this and I tell a lot of the guys this: the regime that’s there right now — they’re not the guys that brought me in, so they may not see me with the same value that the regime that brought me in there saw me as,” Muamba said.

“I’ve learned to put my emotions aside and understand the business. I also have aspirations someday of even being a GM, so when I put my GM hat on some decisions make sense.”

Muamba has a history of being patient with the free agent market. He was courted by a number of teams in 2018 and waited two months to sign with Montreal after his release from the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

“There’s been teams that have been calling back and forth and checking in and figuring out how to make things work,” Muamba said. “This is something I’ve heard from multiple teams, ‘Henoc, we weren’t expecting to see you in free agency, so we gotta work our books and try to see how we can make it work to bring you in.’ That’s what’s been happening for the most part.”

3DownNation‘s Justin Dunk has reported that one of the teams making a pitch for Muamba is the Toronto Argonauts.

Muamba said it “warms his heart” to hear a player like Vernon Adams Jr. say he’s one of the best leaders he’s ever been around. Regardless of where he ends up, the league’s reigning Most Outstanding Canadian will be a fine addition to his new team.

“I take pride in the person that I am beyond the player that I am and the leadership that I bring is something that is near and dear to me,” Muamba said. “I always try to find ways to become a better leader.”