Play-by-play partner Mike Hogan pens touching tribute to Chris Schultz

Photo courtesy: Mike Hogan

The sudden passing of all-time Argo and TSN broadcaster Chris Schultz has many around the CFL wrestling with their immense sadness, but perhaps none are better equipped to express it than Toronto Argonauts play-by-play man Mike Hogan.

Schultz’s partner in the radio broadcast booth was one of the first to learn of the Canadian football icons passing Thursday and penned a touching tribute to his friend and colleague.

“I confess that I’m writing this through a waterfall of tears. My throat is tight, I feel a chill. There’s a feeling of disbelief as I try to find the correct words to express my feelings after just being told that Chris Schultz has passed away.”

Hogan first began to work with Schultz in 1993 and described the big man’s awkward transition to radio following his 12 year football career with the Dallas Cowboys and Toronto Argonauts.

Like any media rookie, there were bumps in the road, but Hogan learned much from his imposing co-host.

“To say I’m happy to have had the opportunity to work with him would be a grotesque understatement. Schultzy used to test me often, particularly in the early days of our partnership. I’d be sitting doing some prep work and hear him randomly ask an Xs and Os question to test me. Sometimes I’d pass, other times I wouldn’t, but I’d learn, and was always anxious to tap into my 6’8” resource.

Between Chris and my first Argo radio broadcast partner, Pete Martin, I developed a better than working knowledge of the sport. I felt I had to learn more to keep up with those two encyclopedias. They spoke, I listened, and I owe them both as much as anyone for enhancing my passion for the sport. They were both excellent teachers who shared an enormous respect for the game. Not surprisingly, Pete was one of the first people to call me to express his condolences.”

Schultz would go on to become one of the faces of the CFL when he jumped to TSN television broadcasts in 1998, anchoring the gameday panel for more than two decades.

He was reunited with Hogan for Argonauts radio broadcasts in 2018, becoming one of the best play-calling duos in the CFL. The two shared a whole new set of memorable moments and spoke just last week.

“I can’t tell you what that chance to work together again meant to both of us. Chris and I talked often, but never saw each other away from BMO Field. We last spoke eight days before he passed away. He was asking about some of the recent Argos player moves, talked about some common friends, how good he had been feeling of late, and he also was talking about a project he was about to start, doing some sort of podcast with a friend.

Some sort of a podcast with a friend was about as technically advanced as Chris could get. He asked me to give it a listen and get back to him. I didn’t hear it because Chris gave me no idea on where to find it. I thought I’d let it breathe and get back to him. I was planning to call him on Friday.

I wish more than anything that I could.”

There is not a person in the CFL that doesn’t wish they could hear the voice of Chris Schultz one more time.