You’re outta here: Rod Pedersen, Jaime Elizondo speak for first time since practice incidents

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Longtime CFL coach Jaime Elizondo and Saskatchewan media personality Rod Pedersen spoke for the first time since a couple of incidents in the nation’s capital.

At a practice prior to the 2017 East Semi-Final and in 2018 prior to the Redblacks home opener, Elizondo had Pedersen thrown out of the stadium. Pedersen was the voice of the Roughriders at the time while wearing team branded apparel, and Elizondo was the offensive coordinator for the Redblacks.

“You know I was just having fun. People still talk about it, by the way,” Pedersen said.

“Rod, it wouldn’t matter if it was you or somebody else we just tried to keep everything in house and keep it protected,” Elizondo said on The Rod Pedersen Show.

“I love the fact that you were gracious about it, awesome about it, not everybody that I’ve thrown out or asked kindly to step out of that arena or those walk-throughs has handled it as wonderfully as you, so I appreciate that.”

Pedersen tweeted after leaving the field: Just got kicked out of Redblacks walk-through and added a conspiracy hashtag at the end. He followed with: Maybe the Rider t-shirt tipped ’em off.

The outspoken media veteran knows how to stir it up and his posts on social media caused a retort from Redblacks public relations man Chris Hofley

1. You weren’t kicked out. 
2. You were told to leave the side of the field where media are never allowed during practice (except for TSN on walk through days). 
3. You said you were going into the building to set up your backdrop, which was fine. Watching from that side is not.

Pedersen responded by stating Hofley didn’t hear the conversation which elicited another response: I’m just saying you weren’t kicked out. You watched most of practice and were around for media avail. Can’t fault any coach for reacting when you’re somewhere you aren’t supposed to be.

“It’s a small league, so I think everybody tries to protect their football, but I do appreciate your humour in it,” Elizondo said to Pedersen.

“I remember saying I’ve been kicked out of far classier places than this. My roll in it, I was standing on the edge of the end zone taking pictures of the north side grandstand,” Pedersen explained.

“You turned to me and you’re like, ‘Really?!’ I never honestly stopped to think about your players and formations, I never even stopped to think about it.”

“In the middle of big games, coaches get protective and emotional, but no harm, no foul,” Elizondo added.

“It was only the Eastern Semi-Final, nothing big there at all,” Pedersen quipped.

“Until I get a chance to throw you out of another walk-through,”Elizondo joked, “I hope you’re doing great.”