Introducing the 3DownNation Monday Mailbag

Photo: 3DownNation

3DownNation is proud to unveil a new weekly feature: the Monday Mailbag.

As you may have noticed, we recently got rid of our comment section amid a layout change. This was done for a handful of reasons.

The plug-in we were using was slowing down the site badly. Getting rid of it cut our load speeds in half, which makes for a much more user-friendly experience.

We also found the comment section time-consuming to moderate. We were getting a lot of spam comments, plus occasional comments that violated our policy.

3DownNation is a small operation. We have limited human resources and we’d rather allocate them to bring you quality content instead of moderating comments.

The thing we’ll miss about the comment section is hearing from our readers. Mixed in with the spam and trolls was the legitimate type of criticism and analysis that we value from people like you.

The Monday Mailbag will allow us to continue interacting with you. Please submit your questions to [email protected] and we’ll post the best ones each week along with our answers. Justin Dunk and I may even save some to answer on the relaunched 3DownNation Podcast.

Please include “Monday Mailbag” in the subject line of your email. We will also publish the name of the person who submitted each question, so keep that in mind before submitting anything to the inbox.

We will also accept questions via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As stated above, please include “Monday Mailbag” in your message.

Send your questions our way and come back next week for the first round of answers on the 3DownNation Monday Mailbag.

John Hodge is a Canadian football reporter based in Winnipeg.