Derek Taylor believes some reporters throw ‘spaghetti against the wall and brag when two noodles stick’

Anonymous sources have been a hot topic around the CFL following an article from Edmonton Sun reporter Gerry Moddejonge.

The entire piece was built on quotes from one source familiar with the league at the executive level. It spooked fans and players alike because the person stated: “It would honestly be, to me, smarter for them to forego another season and plan for 2022.”

“We do need disciplined access to people who don’t want their name out there. We rely on professional journalists to navigate it for us, but not everybody that we love is a professional journalist,” The SportsCage host and Riders play-by-play man Derek Taylor said on 620 CKRM.

“We need to figure out what journalists we trust with independent sources because some have shown to be great, some have shown to be, ‘I’m throwing spaghetti against the wall and I brag when two of those noodles stick.'”

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie has come out and stated the league is “full throttle” with plans to play in 2021. The CFL unveiled its 2021 schedule back in November. The pre-season is scheduled to begin on Sunday, May 23, while the regular season is slated to get underway on Thursday, June 10.

“In this case, if something is going bad in the CFL, the CFL is not going to tell us that, it won’t show up on,” Taylor said.

“The problem you have to name a source is that people aren’t going to talk to you and then you’re only going to get the company line.”

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