Ottawa Redblacks troll Argos’ fan with free Matt Nichols jersey

Photo Courtesy: Peter Cooper

Trolling is often considered a negative behavior, but the Ottawa Redblacks and quarterback Matt Nichols found a way to troll a Toronto Argonauts’ fan in an exceptionally wholesome way.

Peter Cooper made headlines last week following the release of Matt Nichols to bemoan that the passer had been cut. The Argos’ fan had received a brand new Nichols jersey for Christmas, which he no longer wanted.

Nichols replied to Cooper offering to buy the jersey and a sale between the two was quickly arranged.

Things took an interesting turn on Monday when Cooper discovered that the Redblacks had taken the extra step of sending him a free Ottawa Redblacks’ jersey donning Nichols’ name and number. A team spokesperson called the initiative a “joint effort” between Nichols and the team.

Cooper said in a tweet that he would never wear the jersey, but said that it would be hung in a “place of honour.”

One of the things that makes the CFL so special is the way in which fans can interact with its teams and players. We give this latest interaction between Cooper, Nichols, and the Redblacks a standing ovation.